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Photo Browsing Woes

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Jan. 6th, 2010 | 07:37 pm

By the course of working in the design industry, I fell into Mac usage when I started at a firm after school. There are many things I enjoy about Mac, but there are still several things that were more efficient on a standard PC. The one that is bothering me at the moment is how inefficient Preview is for viewing and deleting batches of photos.

The Windows picture viewer lets you open a random image, then hit next or previous and it automatically reads whatever is in the folder. Preview requires you to explicitly open a handful of images up-front. Otherwise, each consecutive opening gives new Preview windows. That is annoying, but tolerable by going the extra step of remembering to select multiple files to begin with.

The worse offense is that delete does nothing. You can remove a picture from Preview, but it really just closes it. The problem is, in this modern day of digital photography, I and others intentionally take duplicates of any given picture because it is easy to decide which was in better focus, lighting, composition, etc. If I have a folder of 500 photos to go through quickly with next, previous, delete, next again, oops go back again, delete...I can do it within minutes in Windows. In Preview, I have to note the file name, cut over to finder, delete the file, then go back to Preview to figure out where I left off (deleting a photo from Finder does not update the view in Preview, so you still have both existing and non-existing files stewed together, where with Windows the sequence is detected on-the-fly so going back does not display deleted images).

What I need is a better picture viewer. I tried iPhoto and delete actually used the hide functionality instead. Do any of you Mac users have a lightweight photo browser that at least flips quickly and uses the delete button as a delete button without three confirmation pop-ups asking if I am sure I want to delete?

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