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Anthony D Paul

The designer formerly known as <lj user="oedesign">

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DO NOT EMAIL THE HOTMAIL ADDRESS! I filter out all e-mails and only use it for Pidgin (PC) and Adium (Mac) instant messengers.

My old LJ account: oedesign

If you'd like to follow my Twitter feed on Livejournal, I have created a separate account for it: anthonydpaul_rt

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I majored in Visual Communication Design (class of 2006) at the Ohio State University in Columbus. I was born and raised in Valdez, Alaska. I am into computer graphics + programming, corporate brand strategy, and print design. I currently work at Fathom Creative♥ in Washington, DC.

I studied abroad in Germany and Brasil, giving me the opportunity to travel all of Western Europe, some of Eastern, and even into Northern Africa. I ran Design Circle (the student organization in my department) for almost three years. I still serve as an alumni web developer and administrator for them. In my time at OSU, I also taught technical web design courses simply because at the time there weren’t real options for OSU students who needed to have the skills but weren’t interested in web design as a profession. I also held the IDSA Central Ohio’s Deputy Secretary seat, volunteering frequently to work on local design community functions. Now I have a house in Kensington and spend most of my off-time building things for it. Workaholic? I’m not addicted…I just like it a lot.

For more information, see my website.
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